About Us

Together we can do so much

Welcome to the Seven Sisters Alumnae Association. Never before has there been a place for Seven Sisters Alumnae and students to connect and network!

Over the past two years, 10,000 Seven Sisters alumnae and students have been a part of the Seven Sisters Together Facebook group. From this page, our powerful Job and Housing groups developed, along with 40 other interest groups and 15 city groups. We have built the foundation for a network that will continue to grow with the addition of this website.

While each Seven Sisters College has its own network, there is a need for all of the 7S alumnae and students to gather their power collectively and leverage each other’s strengths.

With over 5,000 members of our Sisters Hiring (Seven) Sisters – Job Page on Facebook, there were many jobs being shared with the group that were getting “lost” because of the sheer number of posts, that it made sense to move this to a searchable database on a website.

Now Alumnae and students will be able to easily search and locate positions in their field, geographic locations and more. Alumnae with openings at their companies will can easily share opportunities and help open the doors for others.

There are so many listings for apartments, roommates and pet sitters on FB Stay with a (Seven) Sister page, the Housing Board on the website will let users view posts by location and needs.

The Alumnae and Student Directory is a convenient and easy way to locate other 7S in your town or industry. The Interactive Map makes it easy to find other 7Sers if you are traveling for work or on vacation and want to try to meet up with someone local!

There is also a Business Directory, a 7S Artist & Creators Directory in addition to a calendar of global Upcoming Events. Be sure to check out the Special Offers and Promotions Page on the website. Brands we know and love have provided us with some special codes, with lots more to come.

I hope that you will find the site to be useful and engaging! We are laying the groundwork to build up the Power of Seven and I am excited to be here to help pave the way! Let me know if you have questions, want to be a Guest Blogger, would like to share a Special Offer, become a Corporate Partner or give general feedback! 

Thank you for your support!
Jen Pollock McNally
Smith ’94
Founder, Seven Sisters Together/Seven Sisters Alumnae Association