About Us

Together we can do so much more

Welcome to the Seven Sisters Alumnae Association!

The first and only place for Seven Sisters Alumnae & Current Students to network and connect.

Over the past 5 years, over 53,000 Seven Sisters Alumnae and Current Students have become a part of the Seven Sisters Platform. From the Seven Sisters Website to the 70 plus Facebook Groups to the Newsletter and Programming, we have built the foundation for a network that will continue to develop and grow.

While each Seven Sisters College has its own network, there is a need for all of the 7S Alumnae and Students to gather their power collectively and leverage each other’s strengths.

Learn more about the Website, Corporate Partners Program, Facebook Groups, Job Boards, Zoom, and in-person Programming below.

I hope that you will find the site to be useful and engaging! We are laying the groundwork to build up the Power of Seven and I am excited to be here to help pave the way! Let me know if you have questions, would like to become a Corporate Partner, or give general feedback.

Be sure to find our new LinkedIn page.

Thank you for your support!
Jen Pollock McNally
Smith ’94
Founder, Seven Sisters Alumnae Association